Innovative cores for extremely light and highly stable lightweight products


Our Tubus honeycombs are innovative cores for extremely light and highly stable lightweight products. They fulfil the highest requirements for precision and long life. So our honeycombs are the perfect material for all applications that require high static with dynamic stability and low weight.

Traditional honeycombs are assembled from hexagonal shapes. But Tubus honeycombs are made from circular cylinders. They can therefore accept forces from various directions and still maintain their shape. These isotropic mechanical characteristics of the individual honeycombs ensure high stability for the whole honeycomb plate and therefore also the final product.

Through the use of polypropylene as the initial material, they are resistant to corrosion and their handling is extremely flexible.

Our company has the most up-to-date technology and is able to produce plastic honeycombs in the most varied of sizes particularly quickly and reliably. Give us a call!


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Extremely light. Extremely strong.

Tubus honeycombs can be easily and safely cut or reshaped.
They offer the opportunity to fix items in or on the honeycomb and on the cover layer. In sandwich constructions, they can be combined with a vareity of cover materials from fabric via wood to metal.


Simple and strong

Tubus honeycomb cores are made from stably combined polypropylene cylinders.
We make these honeycomb cores in three designs:
- Without lamination,
- Laminated with polyester fleece,
- Laminated with polypropylene film combined with polyester fleece.


Strong due to diversity

Tubus honeycombs are ideally suited to vehicle and ship construction. They ensure a reduction in mass and at the same time offer particularly high pressure, impact and bending stability.
Our sandwich elements are characterised by low water absorption and freedom from corrosion.