Wind power systems

When manufacturing rotor blades for wind power systems, sandwich and lightweight elements are used to combine high stability and low weight and are also permanently weather resistant.

Modern rotor blades in offshore devices are now over 50 metres in length. Tubus honeycombs can also be used as design materials for these extreme requirements as well as for smaller rotor blades. They offer the relevant stabilities, can be thermally reshaped and at the same time are flexible enough to twist to match the wind load. As a result of their precise shape and simple handling, they facilitate and accelerate mould construction.

Although the machine housing or gondola is made from a more complex structure, it must meet similar requirements to the rotor itself. Tubus honeycombs are suitable for cladding the gondola and its internal design. Because of their special structure made from individual polypropylene cylinders, Tubus honeycombs can take on loads from all directions and ensure maximum stability whilst using minimum materials.


  • Rotor blade
  • Gondola cladding
  • Gondola design elements

Other Applications

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